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Proving intros get shorter, and Popular!

I’m in the midst of trying to prove that intros to popular songs have gotten shorter, by scientifically counting intros to all the #1 songs in 2000 compared to all the #1 songs in 2011.

What’s an intro?

The bit before a songs main hook and/or chorus descends. It’s not as subjective as you think.

Preliminary reports suggest that chorus/hooks kick in ~10s earlier in 2011 than they did in 2000. I will keep you posted.

Popular Back

Which sort of links in to great news that Popular The Greatest Blog On Earth is back!

I did a search recently of ye olde email account, and found @hithomgibbs'exact GChat suggesting i check out said blog:

4/2/08 9:40 AM me: Thom, thank you very much i have added that to my Google Reader what a treat!

4 years later, there’s still years left, hooray!

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